#ALLLIVESMATTER is the new “Happy Holidays”

It’s been described as an “epidemic” or even a “War on African Americans“. It seems that every week, we’re hearing a new story about some cop somewhere shooting a Person of Color, and the reason is always the same.


The only reasoning anyone wants to talk about is racism – that the police are automatically racist (even when the cop is non-white) because the person shot was anything other than white. By way of comparison, any time the police shoot a white person the blame is always placed on the easy availability of guns, or the lack of parenting, or white people are just legitimately insane.

Yes, this shirt actually exists.

Because social justice or something.

But the narrative is always the same: “Black Lives Matter!” The battle cry gets sounded instantly and continuously, even when it’s an unarmed white teen that gets shot by a black cop. It quickly morphed into “ALL Lives Matter!” because while police do in fact shoot three times as many white people as black, there isn’t actually any evidence showing that race is the deciding factor in who gets shot.

However, when a person has the audacity to actually SAY that all lives matter, the poor person is immediately set upon by BLM activists who insist that they silence themselves.

Never mind that the main group of people killing African Americans is other African Americans.

193 African Americans killed by whites, 2447 killed by other African Americans

193 African Americans killed by whites, 2447 killed by other African Americans

Never mind that #ALLLIVESMATTER actually includes black lives.

Never mind that #ALLLIVESMATTER shuts nobody out or puts one race above any other.

Never mind that #ALLLIVESMATTER actually puts the focus on police violence instead of race.

All these are important, actually VITAL components to reaching a solution that works for everyone – the focus needs to be on violence, not on skin color. But when you say that All Lives Matter, you’re betraying the special interest groups that have zero interest in actually reaching a solution on police violence.

BLM activists don’t want to hear about how much lives matter – they want to hear how much THEIR lives matter. Nobody else matters to them. Police shoot three times as many whites as blacks, but BLM doesn’t care. When you adjust for racial percentage of the population, police shoot half again as many Latinos as African Americans, but BLM doesn’t care. By the same measure, police shoot more than twice as many Native Americans as African Americans, but BLM doesn’t care.

kool aid memeOnly black lives matter to these activists, and they will shout down anyone who attempts to say other lives matter, even when it includes their own. It’s like saying “Happy Holidays” to a rabid mob of Christians who insist everyone say “Merry Christmas” regardless of their religion, or who they’re saying it to. All they want is to dominate the narrative, even if the target they’re attacking is their only ally in the field.

Police violence is a serious issue, and it’s not going to be solved by dividing the rest of us up by skin color. It’s going to be solved by changing police training as well as changing the way we raise our children to respond to authority figures.

Honestly, can’t we just treat everyone the same?


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